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Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography is a technique of photographing created by Russian researcher, Seymon Kirlian, which utilizes the etheric energy patterns surrounding any organism. This is made possible by the phenomenon of corona discharge. When an object is in a high frequency (vibrational electrical field) and it then becomes grounded, a spark discharges from the object to the electrode.

In Kirlian Photography, a film is placed between the object and the electrode which helps the discharge pattern to be seen on film. When an organism is used as the object, beautiful colors and patterns are created on the film which can follow the pattern of an etheric aura.

Below is an example of Kirlian photography utilized with a Reiki practitioner's finger before working with Reiki and while working with Reiki.

(Image of a Reiki Practitioner's finger prior to working with Reiki)

(Image of a Reiki Practitioner's finger while working with Reiki)

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