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Your Body & Spirit Have an Immense Ability to Heal

Treat yourself to the magic of healing

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As the founder of Warrior Goddess Healing LLC, Sarah has always been drawn to the healing arts. Born and raised in the Greater Salt Lake Area of Utah with an immense love for the community, animals, science, and the Earth, she became inspired to pursue a career in the medical field. She earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing in 2015 as a Registered Nurse in the State of Utah.


Inspired by her connection to and love for Energy Healing, Sarah received her Reiki Master Certification in 2019 and her Certification as a Sound Healer in 2022. As a Medical Medium Intuitive, she combines her education from Traditional Medicine with her education and understanding of Eastern and Holistic Medicine practices to provide an integrative approach for facilitating healing in the community.


She currently practices energy healing both in-person and distant healing as a Reiki Master and Sound Healer Practitioner.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her loved ones, adventuring in nature, practicing meditation and yoga, as well as utilizing her creativity in the arts.

Reiki Service

~Release, Relax, Unwind~

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that can also enhance healing within mind, body and spirit.

A natural method of spiritual healing that is safe for anyone to experience for their highest well-being.

  • Reiki can work in an integrative manner with other medical and therapeutic techniques to help facilitate healing and recovery.

  • Effective in helping heal and relieve countless health ailments and illnesses.

How does a session feel?

How long is a session?

  • A Reiki session can promote and enhance the feelings of peace and relaxation.

  • As each person's session is unique, a session can feel like a warm and cool refreshing wave as the energy flows through your body, your chakras, and your aura

  • Many clients often feel peaceful, inspired, and empowered at the conclusion of their session. 

  • Each session is approximately 1 hour in duration

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Reiki Master Practitioner By Appointment Only




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